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Green City Acres Urban Farm in Kelowna, British Columbia

Curtis Stone, urban farmer and food activist, Kelowna, BCYesterday, I drove to Kelowna to interview a 30-year-old musician-turned-urban farmer, Curtis Stone. He had spent the past 10 years in the Montreal indie music scene but walked away from that life to become an urban farmer back in his hometown. He's a fired up activist who sees his role as an urban food producer as a highly political act. He also runs his food production and edible landscape business entirely from his bicycle, which includes collecting kitchen scraps from restaurants, delivering his greens to clients and to the two farmers' markets he sells at in Kelowna, and dragging his 300-pound rototiller around.

Until he decided to throw himself into urban food production, Stone had never farmed, let alone even grew a window herb garden. But he's a self-admitted maniac when it comes to throwing himself into his work and many years as a tree planter have obviously set him up for the grueling 80-hour work week, most of which is physical labor.

I'll be transcribing my interview tapes this week, but I thought I'd just post these few photos and a few links for now.

Check out the blog that he wrote while creating the various farming sites in Kelowna here at as well as his business web pages at

Mustard greens taste like Dijon prepared mustard, in leaf form

Curtis talks with visiting Erika, a member of the Young Urban Farmers group out of Toronto

A fortune of market greens growing in an urban farm yard in downtown Kelowna, BC

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Reader Comments (2)

What Curtis is doing here in Kelowna is an amazing example of what can be done to improve food security and reducing our carbon footprint.

I'm a regular customer and love the yummy produce he's producing.

He's a very inspiring man and I hope to be working with him on a short documentary over the next year.


September 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarc

Thanks for the comment, Marc. I agree. I've been to a lot of urban farms in Cuba, Canada, the US and soon I'll be over in Europe. I'd say that Curtis is a marvel ... especially as a one-man show! Looking forward to seeing your doc. Keep me -- and readers -- posted.

September 13, 2010 | Registered CommenterJennifer CK

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