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MAY-ja Literary Event in Edmonton on Thursday, people

I have a saying...and it is: If you wait long enough, the world comes to Edmonton. That's right. You just need to be patient. Or get the ball rolling in the right direction like the Saloonistas at the newly formed Edmonton Literary Saloon Society are doing. This is a fun, interactive reading series that Lynn Coady and Marina Endicott cooked up. In two short sleeps, the line-up will be as follows:

December's "Pen and Ink" Literary Saloon happens Thursday, Dec 10, 2009, and features:

*Ted Bishop*, award winning author of "Riding with Rilke" giving an all bells n' whistles multimedia presentation from his work-in-project on the history of ink. Learn all about the Reynolds Rocket pen--a completely lousy product built on pure hype, not to mention the occasional ribald ad or two ("Is that a rocket in your pocket?")--and its namesake, flim-flam man extraordinnaire, Milton Reynolds.

Who else? I'll tell you who else. Try on *Annabel Lyon* for size, fresh from a triple-crown award nomination for her splendid novel The Golden Mean. Annabel will be jetting in from Vancouver to represent a period pre-ink, reading from both the time and perspective of Aristotle.

What? There's more? *Fresh Ink*: quick n dirty reads from local novelist Greg Hollingshead and Saloon hostess/novelistas Marina Endicott and Lynn Coady of their current unpublished works-in-progress. Yikes! Be kind.

And finally, does it smell a little tome-y in here to you? Volunteer to take part in our exciting inaugural *Book-smelling Contest*. Whoever identifies the most books by their smell wins a fabulous non-ink related prize.

Door opens at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. Admission is $5. The ARTery is located at 9535 Jasper Avenue

Don't miss it! Write the date on your hand!

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