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École d'Été sur l'Agriculture Urbaine à Montréal le 18 au 22 août, 2014

Montreal, here I come.

For the past two weeks, I've been listening to Radio-Canada, translating and practicing my book talk en français. I'm very much looking forward to being in Montreal next week to be a part of a panel on Tuesday afternoon and deliver a 1-hour book talk that evening.This conference / school looks like a wonderful series of events, all around urban agriculture.


GREAT talk by Mohamed Hage, founding president of Lufa Farms, commercial rooftop greenhouse in Montreal, Quebec

I am so impressed with Lufa Farms, the world's first commercial greenhouse farm, in Montreal, Quebec. This project lifted off just as I was finishing the final draft of Food and the City. I wasn't able to visit it or else it would have been a major chapter in the book! Instead, I was merely able to mention it in the conclusion, but you can see for yourself what an elegant and productive space this is. And remember, Montreal in the winter is COLD, but they feed 2000 Montrealers year-round using this very smart, energy efficient, greenhouse space on the roof of an industrial building. With the success of its first rooftop farm, the company of young, smart, multilingual entrepreneur farmers is putting this forth: "Our Vision is a City of Rooftop Farms."

Here's Mohamed Hage's excellent TED talk from last year about the future of feeding cities using rooftop greenhouse farms.

Via Youtube: Mohamed Hage, an agriculture and technology enthusiast, is the founding president of Lufa Farms, a company that designs, builds and operates rooftop agricultural greenhouses. It was to provide fresh, local and responsible vegetables to montréalais consumers that he created the first commercial rooftop greenhouse in the world in the winter of 2011. Mohamed Hage supervises all of Lufa Farms' daily activities, but is particularly interested in research, planning, construction and operation of the greenhouse environment.
His present goal is to help this new agricultural model be progressively integrated into rooftops across major cities.